A Kafkaesque Bibliography

Research into the existing body of work relating to Kafka (books, articles, fiction and theses, mainly in English) was carried out by Jonathan Lowndes as a part of the project.  In the course of this research some 2,300 items were identified and analysed. A list of these can be found below.

In addition, here are some Kafka related web-sites that were found during the research, with comments from Jonathan Lowndes:

K’s WorldCat Identities site, quite an interesting example of data online: http://www.worldcat.org/identities/lccn-n81-63091

Easy-to-read biographical site, with full text of many stories: http://www.kafka-online.info/

Not-yet-ready attempt to get all Kafka’s works online: http://www.kafka.org/

Dour site, but with a good photo gallery: http://www.kafka-franz.com/kafka-Biography.htm

Some Muir-translated stories unfindable elsewhere: http://franzkafkastories.com/

Grolier biography, with good links at the bottom (inc. NYU Medical School): http://www.levity.com/corduroy/kafka.htm

Hilariously philistine Prague travel site: http://www.prague-online-guide.com/franz-kafka.html

FK’s Project Gutenberg page (alas, nearly all in German): http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/author/1735

Slick Flash site with a photo project about Kafka’s ruins: http://www.franzkafka.info/main.html


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Franz Kafka Edwin Muir Article 1934
Franz Kafka Werner Neuse Article 1935
Franz Kafka: The Hero as Lonely Man Philip Rahv Article 1939
German perspectives; essays on German literature R  Hinton Thomas Book 1940
German stories and tales Robert Pick Book 1940
Existential situations in the narrative prose of Franz Kafka and Heinrich von Kleist John Martin Grandin, 1940 Thesis 1940
New directions in prose and poetry, 1941 James Laughlin Book 1941
Experience and art in the novels of Franz Kafka Meyer Gray Thesis 1942
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Understanding fiction Cleanth Brooks; Robert Penn Warren Book 1943
Albert Ehrenstein compositions, 1942-1944 Albert Ehrenstein Book 1944
Franz Kafka; a chronology and bibliography Angel Flores Book 1944
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The seas of God: great stories of the human spirit Whit Burnett Book 1944
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The Kafka problem: An anthology of Criticism about Franz Kafka Angel Flores Book 1946
The women characters in the novels of Franz Kafka Mary J Cook Book 1946
A note on Franz Kafka Edwin Muir Article 1947
From the Eyrie of a poet Monk Gibbon Article 1947
Review of Franz Kafka. A Biography Carl E Purinton; Max Brod Article 1947
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Kafka’s community Paul Goodman Book 1947
Kafka’s prayer Paul Goodman Book 1947
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On the marble cliffs: a novel Ernst Juanger Fiction 1947
The religious attitudes of three novelists Erwin James Mooney Thesis 1947
Franz Kafka A Biography Walter J Ong Article 1948
Review of Franz Kafka, a Biography Review of The Kafka Problem Joseph L Blau; Max Brod; Angel Flores Article 1948
Review of The Frozen Sea: A Study of Franz Kafka Alfred Werner; Charles Neider Article 1948
Arrested individuation or the problem of Joseph K. and Hamlet Peter Dow Webster Book 1948
Franz Kafka, an interpretation of his works, by Herbert Tauber [translated by G. Humphreys Roberts and Roger Senhouse] Herbert Tauber; Roger Senhouse Book 1948
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The frozen sea: a study of Franz Kafka Carles Neider Book 1948
Review of The Frozen Sea-A Study of Franz Kafka Hermann Barnstorff; Charles Neider Article 1949
A critical fantasy or fugue Peter Dow Webster Book 1949
Essays on literature and society Edwin Muir Book 1949
Franz Kafka’s conception of humour Hans Siegbert Reiss Book 1949
Kafka: his mind and art Charles Neider Book 1949
The art of modern fiction Ray Benedict West; R  W Stallman Book 1949
The pilgrimage of Franz Kafka Ingrid E Kyler Book 1949
Franz Kafka’s theory of literature Chu-tsing Li Thesis 1949
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A critical examination of Franz Kafka’s “The Castle” WEBSTER PD Article 1951
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Modern short stories Marvin Felheim; Franklin B Newman; William R Steinhoff Book 1951
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Uncanniness, Yearning, and Franz Kafka’s Works HECHT MB Article 1952
Four prophets of our destiny; Kierkegaard, Dostoevsky, Nietzsche, Kafka William Hubben Book 1952
Guilt Frances Caryll Houselander Book 1952
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Selected stories of Franz Kafka Book 1952
The disinherited mind; essays in modern German literature and thought Erich Heller Book 1952
Timeless stories for today and tomorrow Ray Bradbury Book 1952
Kafka and Camus Phillip H Rhein Thesis 1952
Review of Franz Kafka, eine Betrachtung seines Werkes G Schulz-Behrend; H  S Reiss Article 1953
Conversations with Kafka; notes and reminiscences Gustav Janouch Book 1953
Franz Kafka: an American bibliography Klaus W Jonas Book 1953
Franz Kafka’s letter to his father Heinz Politzer Book 1953
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Franz Kafka; eine Betrachtung seines Werkes [Erganzter Neudruck] Hans Siegbert Reiss Book 1956
Gogol p and Kafka Victor Erlich Book 1956
K W H Auden Book 1956
Kafka’s Castle Ronald D Gray Book 1956
Short stories for study; an anthology Raymond W Short; Richard Benson Sewall Book 1956
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A theological approach to modern literature: with special emphasis on Franz Kafka and Albert Camus Adrienne Kelly Thesis 1956
Dickens and Kafka: a mutual interpretation Mark Spilka Thesis 1956
Franz Kafka: a sense of alienation Kathleen O’Brien Thesis 1956
Dichtung und Wahrheit: Three Versions of Reality in Franz Kafka Article 1957
A treasury of the world’s great diaries Philip Dunaway; Melvin Evans Book 1957
Art and psychoanalysis William Phillips Book 1957
Image and idea: twenty essays on literary themes Philip Rahv Book 1957
The tragic vision and the Christian faith Nathan A Scott Book 1957
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Review of Franz Kafka Today Jorge Elliott; Angel Flores; Homer Swander Article 1958
Between East and West; essays dedicated to the memory of Bela Horovitz Alexander Altmann Book 1958
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Franz Kafka’s predisposition to failure Richard I Smyer Thesis 1960
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Labyrinths; selected stories & other writings Jorge Luis Borges Fiction 1964
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An analytic interpretation of Franz Kafka’s Der Prozess Eric Lawson Marson Thesis 1964
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Book Reviews Article 1965
Interpreting Kafka Review of Franz Kafka: Parable and Paradox Haskell M Block; Politzer Heinz Article 1965
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Parallels in Franz Kafka and Eugene Ionesco: a study of The metamorphosis and Rhinoceros Ethan Hirsh Thesis 1967
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An introduction to literature Mary Rohrberger; Samuel H Woods; Bernard Frank Dukore Book 1968
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Franz Kafka: An exhibition sponsored by the Akademie der Kunste, Berlin Klaus Wagenbach; Akademie der Kunste (Berlin, Germany) Book 1968
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